Other Entitlements - Special CCB (SCCB) , JET family assistance (JET), Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS)

The Australian Government acknowledges the changes in work arrangements in family's during the early years prior to formal primary education.  With Child Care Benefits and Child Care Rebates, parents have the option to put their child in care at lower cost as a custom to formal primary educational cost. 

The early years are the vulnerable years and the Australian Government has developed a national framework to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all Australia's children.  Additional funds are available to assist families who are experiencing hardships and for children at risk.  Families eligible for Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB) can have the cost of child care covered during period of hardship.  Our centre work along side DoCs, Brighter Futures, community workers, and other medical practitioners in assisting you during difficult times.

Our centre also have access to support officers to assist special need children.  The Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS) helps our centre find special assistance in the care of your child at our centre.  We have access to inclusion officers and practitioners to assess, develop plans and actions for our centre to cater for your child's special needs. 

To assist parents who are studying, the JET Family Assistance (JFA), can help assist in the cost of child care by extra fee reductions.  To be eligible, you will need to meet education and training conditions outline by Centrelink and Family Assistance.

The Australian Government is committed to closing the education gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children and provides early childhood learning and care services that support Indigenous families.  The Inclusion Support programs offer specialist support to help child care services to successfully include an Indigenous child or a child from any culturally and linguistically diverse background into care.

Australia is a great country and we are proud to be Australian.  How the world see us will depend on how we treat our young, elderly and indigenous people.