Enriching Environments and Giftedness

PHPS strive to create enriching environments to explore interests, develop skills and stimulate gifts and talents in children.   Our programs incorporate enrichment programs in music, art and dance as well as a physical program in sports and gymnastic.

Music, Art and Dance Enrichment programs

We all agree that children enjoy music, art and dance. It is this interest that help children learn and develop cognitively, physically and emotionally.  It allows children to explore their imagination through their creativity.  Through imagination, children learn to envisage things they can not see and exercise cognitive perceptions, develop skills for future academics. Our music and dance programs allow children to distinguish sounds and develop early literacy skills.  It builds self esteem and social skills in playing with others.  It increases fine and gross motor skills and helps develop hand-eye coordination and body control.  It is a fun and enjoyable program where children learn to sing and develop listening skills with an appreciation for various musical styles. 

Through out the year, children will prepare a variety of shows to demonstrate their accomplishments, while developing stage presence, direction, charisma and showmanship.  Our Graduation Ceremony and X'mas Party at the end of the year are the highlights of our music and dance enrichment program.

Sports Enrichment Program

Children also enjoy sports and physical activities.  It gives them the freedom to move about, explore and fine tune their physical capabilities.  Our sports program is a structured physical activity that provides discipline, organisation and physical benefits to children.  It is an ideal activity for both physical and mental development.  It develops strength, coordination, flexibility, accuracy, planning, problem solving and self-esteem. 

Besides our daily outdoor program, our sports enrichment program operates fortnightly on alternating days for all children attending our centre to participate.  Our Family Sports Day in November is the highlight of our sports enrichment program.