Parenting Resources

There are many resources available to parents through agencies, online information, and phone.  Below are some useful contacts, materials and links provided to us by staff and parents.  Please let us know if any of the links or information below is no longer available. Some of these information are also available at our Parents & Children Library corner.

Helpful Links

  • Behavioural Management - biting, bullying, tantrums, ...

Helpful links:
Raising Children - Behaviour - Australian parenting website
Children, Youth and Women's Health Service - parenting and child's health
NSW Public School - starting kindergarten
Family NSW - Triple P Seminar & Group Programs

  • Social and emotioal child -

  • Health and Nutrition -

Helpful links:
Westmead Children's Hospital - kids health
Raising Children - Nutrition and Fitness
National Health and Medical Research - Common illness, what to know and exclusion periods

  • Enrichment and Giftedness -

Parenting Groups, Workshops, Consultations and Assessments