2010 Rainbow Room Artwork

posted 15 Mar 2010, 17:09 by Sye Chiu   [ updated 16 Oct 2012, 23:50 by Stephen Chiu ]

This is my mummy - by Emma (3.5yr old)

Happy Mothers Day drawing from Amelia to mum. "I love mum because she reads me a story" (4yr old)
Mud Crab - sponge painting and collage. by Archie (3.5yr old)
Right: Happy Octapus collage
by Noah (3.3yr old)

Love heart rainbow by Lucinda (4.5yr old)

Fluro crayon drawing of "Mummy & Daddy"
by: Sophie (4yr)

Drawing of Mrs Chiu by Ffion (4.5 yr old)